We found some extended Links with reviews about our music and the concerts. Sylvain Lupari wrote some kind words here and Stefan Schulz have an extensively view on our concert on e-live at the german webzine empulsiv and here Bernd Scholl reviewed the premier-event at the Planetarium Bochum. Also the german Musik-Zirkus-Magazin took here a detail view on s-thetic and Uwe Saße wrote also some lines to the album here. Will Lücken take a review on s-thetic at his page here.

We are very proud and really thankful about the feedback from our fans. It is fantastic to get so many positive reaction from all around the world. Guys you´ve made our day...no, YOU made our year! But the best is, we are still planning future projects about baltes & erbe. We are sure, we´ll work on new stuff coming around as a new CD in 2016. Maybe, we can offer some tunes at the upcoming (and nearly ready to announce) Raumzeitfestival in November 15. So hold on and enjoy the existing Sounds on s-thetic².

coverweb 300S-thetic² will be available as digital copy at mostly all stores around the world. But you can also choose our store here. It has a paypal option to pay and we send a hardcopy cd. You can also order at groove, cue-records or mellowjet. For 6.99 € you get a digital copy and 11.99 the hardcase cd-version (no cdr). German customers gets his cd without any shipping costs. 

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