We found some extended Links with reviews about our music and the concerts. Sylvain Lupari wrote some kind words here and Stefan Schulz have an extensively view on our concert on e-live at the german webzine empulsiv and here Bernd Scholl reviewed the premier-event at the Planetarium Bochum. Also the german Musik-Zirkus-Magazin took here a detail view on s-thetic and Uwe Saße wrote also some lines to the album here. Will Lücken take a review on s-thetic at his page here.

We are very proud and really thankful about the feedback from our fans. It is fantastic to get so many positive reaction from all around the world. Guys you´ve made our day...no, YOU made our year! But the best is, we are still planning future projects about baltes & erbe. We are sure, we´ll work on new stuff coming around as a new CD in 2016. Maybe, we can offer some tunes at the upcoming (and nearly ready to announce) Raumzeitfestival in November 15. So hold on and enjoy the existing Sounds on s-thetic².


Baltes and Erbe are excellent musicians with a particular passion for exceptional electronic music. Both artists have created over the past decades unique sounds, and have found each other in 2014 for the project together. Here are each of them maintains its character in the new compositions in order to create something unique: even s-thetic!

Steve Baltes music is extremely complex, across genres and of high quality. His musical past and the future is marked by the diversity of its numerous projects. As a member of Ashra, Deep Voices, Arctic Sunrise or with Stefan Erbe, his intention is to create the "real" beat and some powerful sequences, find the deepest bass and some endless sound-elements wishing seemingly never ending.

Stefan Erbe belongs as an artist for the next generation of pioneers of electronic music. His sound is universal, often cosmical but always melodic and catchy. His lead sounds are intensed and equipped with sonorous variations, his piano is always unique and his drums very playful. Erbe constant urge for change and renewal culminates after more than 20 years in the joint, working with Steve Baltes.

S-thetic has become a great album. It lives from its tension, the musical contrast various electronic styles and the incredible interplay of two exceptional artists. It spans endlessly deep ambience elements with contemporary synthetic pop culture, combines modern and retrospective sounds to a 75 minute acoustic event and completed the step of traditional EM to the present day.
That is why the success of the album and the artist is unstoppable and it just seems as if Baltes and Erbe are just at the succesful beginning of an incredible story.

s-thetic based on a record of the 2014 concert at the planetarium Bochum. They finished the album with some extended studio works, new amthospheres and special leads, giving the tracks a never ending deepless sound. Baltes and Erbe take this new elements and bring them to the following concerts as a new basic. They spent much time in the variety of playing each concert in a new way. So, s-thetic lives especially from his open art of improvisation with existing elements.

"The Album is one suggestion to receive or to listen this kind of unique music. It is only one moment of the virtual story behind the work. It leaves many more options, that we´ve expected"    



28.01.2017 Baltes/Erbe, Gera Planetarium
18.02.2017 Baltes/Erbe, Hagen Sternwarte Konzert/Workshop
29.04.2017 Baltes/Erbe, Bochum Planetarium SOS goes electric garden (Album-Premiere)
13.05.2017 Baltes/Erbe, ATT Essen, Gym Stoppenberg
24.06.2017 Baltes/Erbe, Rugeley Awakenings Festival GB
08.07.2017 Baltes/Erbe, Essen Grugapark, Schallwende Grillpary
17.11.2017 Baltes/Erbe, Hagen Max Reger Musikschule w. special Guest M. Rösner

Past Dates:
21.05.2016 Baltes/Erbe, Essen ATT Gym. Stoppenberg
19.03.2016 Baltes/Erbe, Central Bibliothek, Hagen 
20.02.2016 Baltes/Erbe, Solingen Güterhallen Monochrome Festival
21.11.2015 Baltes/Erbe Awakenings Festival GB, Burton upon Trent
14.11.2015 Baltes/Erbe at Raumzeitfestival, TU Dortmund (free admission)
24.10.2015 Baltes/Erbe with Moonbooter & Wellenfeld, Planetarium, Münster
20.06 2015 Baltes/Erbe at Schwingungen am Wasserfall, kabelmetal Windeck 
30.05.2015 Baltes/Erbe at ATT, Essen Gym. Stoppenberg
18.04.2015 Baltes/Erbe at E-Day Festival, Theater de Einck Oirshot
06.12.2014 Baltes/Erbe at Sound of Sky goes s-thetic² Premiere, Planetarium Bochum 

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